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WifiDid you know Richmond International Airport offers free WiFi service?  

Responding to widespread customer demand, Richmond International Airport began offering free wireless internet (WiFi) in early 2003, a pioneer among US airports not only for the sizable footprint of the service area in the terminal, but also for the access on a “no charge” basis.

 With wireless computer access at your fingertips in the terminal, you can reply to e-mails, check the stock market, read the day’s top stories, keep your business going or just surf the net. WiFi is available at the gate, in the restaurants, ticketing area, baggage claim, Atrium and business center. It’s easy. It’s fast. And it’s free. (from www.flyrichmond.com)

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035I recently met up with other agents from around the country and we visited Chile’s central region.   Chile is a country of much diversity. It is  2600 miles long but only 221 miles wide at its widest point. This means that you’re never too far from the Andes or from the Pacific Ocean.  It also gives you countless possibilities to explore different types of landscapes, from the driest desert in the world in the north and the wine valleys of the central region, to the lakes, fjords and glaciers to the south.   Santiago is the capital of Chile, the access point from the U.S and the hub for flights to the Southern and Northern regions of the country.  I took a short flight from Richmond to New York on Delta and then flew Lan Chile non-stop to Santiago. It was a 10 hour flight but was much easier than expected.  It’s an overnight flight which leaves at 8pm and arrives in Santiago at 6am. Long enough for dinner, a reasonable night’s sleep and breakfast before you arrive. Since Santiago is on Eastern Standard Time, there’s no jet lag or adjusting to a new time zone. Another advantage is that because Chile is south of the Equator, you can go there for great skiing during our summer and explore their lake region and glaciers during their summer. (more…)

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We hope you will enjoy reading and sharing travel stories with your fellow travelers.  We hope to see you soon!

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