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Travel is often necessary, and sometimes eagerly anticipated – it is not always easy.  Just a few musings from a tired travel agent who really does know the ropes of airline travel.  Delays are no fun, especially when the delay appears to be a result of a nationwide FAA computer problem.  I know how to check for delays before I leave for the airport, and I did and there was no posted delay on my flight, or even on the inbound aircraft that was to turn into my outbound fight.  Yet, somehow when I reached the check-in counter there was a delay.  A long enough delay to have lunch at the Applebee’s at Richmond airport with so many other travelers that we filled the restaurant.  The food & beverage revenues for Richmond airport, and others around the country increased significantly at lunch time today. Sometimes there are unexpected rewards from travel and my reward today, after take off delays, a bumpy flight, holding patterns over Newark and an airplane traffic jam at the arrival gate was a hotel shuttle bus actually waiting at the curb for me, a charming driver, a quick and friendly check in and a quiet room with a soft bed at the Newark Airport Marriott.  The TV works, the lamps all work (and the light is actually bright enough to see) and I have 7 soft pillows all to myself.  Sometimes it is the unexpected that can surprise and delight a tired traveler.  This is my new favorite hotel and the Steakhouse downstairs now beckons…..

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