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Days at Sea

We began our day at sea very early at 3:00AM. The ship’s satellite has the BBC News and what wonderful coverage of the Royal Wedding!  Good luck to William and Kate! Mom and I watched while Ed slept. A British Bear can get very emotional over hymns like Jerusalem, it is my favorite!

Breakfast needless to say was an early one today. My new friend Ottoniel from Guatemala helps me with my breakfast each day.   

There is nothing like a good breakfast on a teak deck overlooking the sea! The strawberries and raspberries are yummy and they make my eggs just the way I like them. There is a most wonderful machine that make delicious cappuccino, latte and espresso. Much needed if you begin your day at 3:00AM.

Today is all about a snooze in the sun. It is a beautiful day at sea, the day before we reach the port of Cartagena Colombia. Today we rest and tomorrow we take an excursion to walk in the historical part of Cartagena.

This is where I like to be on the sun deck. Good view of the pool and jacuzzi.  The pool is nice and warm and these teak deck chairs have fluffy white towel covers and soft cushions. They are so comfy that Mom slept most of the afternoon.

In celebration of the Royal Wedding, we all had a very British afternoon tea. Every day I cam come to the Horizon Lounge and eat up cucumber sandwiches, salmon on brown bread, scones with jam and clotted cream and the MOST AMAZING cake with almonds and lots of gooey honey on top. Honey is a bear’s most favorite snack. I have a big piece today. My friend Zoran from Croatia cut me a huge piece of that yummy cake.

Just look at all those goodies on the tea cart.  This is heaven!

Anyone for s spot of tea?

I’ll be ‘Mum’ and pour… Bye for now, TTB

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Hello There from TTB! This is my home for the next 2 weeks. The Regatta docked early in the ‘Conch Republic’, Key West. What a beautiful day. Below is the view from my verandah.  The day is perfect for a walk on Duval Street, just enough time for a little shopping before we re-board by 1230PM.

Duval street was quiet when we started our walk, but when we turned around to head back to port, the streets (and bars) were filled with people. So many tee shirts, Ed had great fun reading them out loud. Being a right proper bear I cannot print what was on most of those shirts!

We made it back on board on time and had a big lunch. The sail away on deck featured a New Orleans style brass quintet, we all clapped long and loud as they played ‘When the Saints Go Marching In! See our ship before we pull away.

Tonight is a special dinner in the Polo Grill. This is Ed’s favorite restaurant. The menu looks wonderful. Darren our Maitre De has saved them a perfect table at the very end of the dining room overlooking our wake as we sail into the night.  Darren is a Brit like me…he is from London, such a nice chap!

The Polo Grill has photos of all sorts of famous movie starts covering the walls. This is my favorite table with photos of the stunning Audrey Hepburn. 

Another great day and again I am so tired. While Ed and Rosemary dined at the Polo Grill, I took the liberty of a snooze in the cabin.

This bed is AMAZING and they tuck me in with chocolate every night! I may never get off the Regatta. Bye for now TTB

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Bye Bye Miami

Hello again, it’s me TTB!  Such a busy day yesterday, I was far too tired to post my news last night. I was just ‘tuckered out’  Ha Ha…

Our flights from Richmond to Miami via Charlotte were on time. We arrived and had a late supper of pizza and lovely wine at midnight at the Intercontinental bar. What a stunning hotel, you should see the giant Henry Moore sculpture in the lobby. My Mom went to the grand opening of this hotel in 1982 when it was called The Pavillion. Sadly I was not at that gala event.

After checking out of the Intercontinental we took a very short taxi ride to the port. Our ship was there awaiting my arrival. Check-in was so fast. I have never boarded a ship so fast on any of my cruises. Ed and Rosemary were glad there was no photographer on the gangway to take to requisite boarding photo…they have far too many of those silly photos.

The Regatta is just beautiful. It was like coming home to the grand English manor house where I grew up. They even have fireplaces with those lovely leather seats by the hearth. I love to sit by the fireplace!  What fun I had exploring our ship. I can’t believe that this is my home for 16 nights!

I met a very important gentleman yesterday, Alex!  He is the martini expert and my new best friend. We have agreed to meet every day for the famous happy hour from 5PM to 6PM. Can you believe it, I can get 2 martinis for the price of one during that hour. I am ready!  There are so many guests on board who have sailed on this ship before…they knew about the happy hour and told my Mom. 

Dan, they still have your favourite china in the Grand Restaurant. You are right it is beautiful.  I know Cheryl would like a service for 8.

We have just docked in Key West and Ed is anxious to get off to explore. I will show you more photos later. 

We will all be in the computer room today a 100PM. There is a ship web camera in that room. We are going to gather and wave to Hayden who is at VMI. If you look at the Regatta web cam for the computer room at 100PM today, you can join in and wave back!

Bye for now, TTB

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Tucker Ready To Go

Hi There. The following needs to be sung to the tune for ‘Nellie the Elephant’.

If you are British like me you will know that tune.

“Tucker the Teddy Bear packed his trunk and said goodbye to the office, off he went with a trumpety trump, trump, trump trump.

I must go and finish my packing now, I’ve got my dress up bow tie and my passport.

Bye for now, TTB

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Tucker Travels

My name is Tucker T. Bear and I belong to Rosemary Hodges. She is my mom and a travel consultant.

Rosemary’s husband Ed gave me to her as a gift 30 years ago on their first trans-Atlantic crossing of the Queen Elizabeth 2 . 

I was so glad to be rescued from that gift shop! 

On April 26, 2011 I am going on a cruise adventure with Rosemary and Ed. We are taking Oceania Cruises ship The Regatta from Miami to San Francisco for a 16 night sail. I am so excited because we get to go through the Panama Canal and I have never been there.

Be sure to follow my adventure on the Crossroads Travel bog….you never know what I will get up to during my travels. I am also on Facebook, look for Tucker T Bear.

I have traveled with my mom to more than 50 countries but this will be my longest cruise.  I can’t wait. Hopefully Rosemary will get all our bags packed in time!  Bye for now TTB

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